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Testimonials - Les W. Cobb

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Dear Rick,
Recently the Burbank Road Kings came to your new facility and you had given us a great personal tour of your shop and all the fine cars in work. I was so impressed I called back and asked if my visiting New York friend Ray Kobel and I could stop in for a shop visit on January 23rd. We met with Mike Lawrence and had a super tour and were filled in on each car and the details of the work and unique qualities going into each car.

My friend Ray was so fascinated and moved by the quality and minute details he saw in your projects. Ray is an old hot rodder from back in the 60's and he came to California in 1962 to experience the West Coast hot rod culture that I was lucky enough to experience. He was also looking for a 1940 Willy Coupe to return home with. During his search I met Ray and my brother found him a running 1940 Willys Coupe for $150.00 which became his daily driver. He then flat towed it back to New York and made it an East Coast drag race car in "D" and "C" record holding gasser.

He had also worked for and still remains close friends with Jack Merkel who is in all the old famous gassers magazines and books of the 60's. Later in life Ray was head of the City of New York Transportation Department, then retired and now works part time as a hot rod fabricator for Car Craft of Long Island. Ray has been to and met all the TV hot rod builders and ranked your shop as tops he has seen. By the way, we could see that Mike Lawrence is a highly knowledgeable and skilled man and we were fascinated with his New Zealand stories and background.

He wanted us to stop by and see your 1932 Duce Sedan while we were at the Grand National Road Show, what a fine ride. I just wanted to thank you, Mike and your staff for allowing us to enjoy and experience your over the top shop and hope to one day visit again.

Best regards,

Les W. Cobb
Pledging Member - Burbank Road Kings