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Testimonials - Andy Armstrong

What people are saying about Tri-C Engineering!

Do you have something you would like to say about Tri-C Engineering and their wonderful staff of seasoned professionals ready to design and fabricate your next Hot Rod or engine?
I am a motion picture director and action/stunt coordinator for twenty-nine years, in thirty one countries around the world. I have worked on many very successful major Hollywood movies such as "Charlie's Angels", "The Firm", "Hoffa", "Stargate", "Galaxy Quest" and most recently as second unit director of "Planet of the Apes".

During the making of "Charlie's Angels", I had the very good fortune to meet Rick Cresse and his company, Tri-C Engineering, Inc. The sequence in the movie needed some Indy style race cars to be involved in a chase taking them from a race track onto city streets. The cars needed to be fast, powerful, capable of performing many extremely mechanically demanding maneuvers and above all be reliable enough to not delay an extremely large and costly production during an action chase sequence that would take several weeks to shoot.

The cars were constructed on time, on budget and were without doubt the finest specifically made action vehicles I have ever been involved with. I cannot say enough about Rick and his entire team. As an additional bonus to their extremely professional attitude, Rick and his entire team proved to always be fun and a pleasure to deal with. I consider Rick Cresse and Tri-C Engineering, Inc. my absolute first choice to design and/or build any motion picture action vehicles.

Yours Sincerely,
Andy Armstrong