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From an old clunker to a Movie star classic.
When Hollywood wants it done right they turn to Tri-C Engineering.
Tri-C has done it one again with the development of the suspension on this old but worthy classic Grand Torino.

The suspension on each car was rebuilt using rear springs from a station wagon version of the Torino, plus air shocks to give the cars the necessary rake (elevation or lift).

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Tri-C Engineering fabricated, engineered, and repaired Dick Jutras 333 Chevy....
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Once constructed this beater was turned into one excellent jumping machine able to get up to 7 jumps out of each car. A terrific feat for any 'jumper' in the movies. Yet another on time job done by
Tri-C Engineering.

The Mic Rig was used to help with quite a few scenes for the Starsky and Hutch movie that many fans of the show were mesmerized by the authenticity of the car to the original. Learn More....

Though some slight modifications were made to make this old classic worthy of the famed name it carries from the show.

This car (number one) came from New Jersey with less than 1,900 miles on it and proved itself to be a show stopper and more than believable for the movie.

Thanks to Rick Cresse and his shop the car was able to withstand more than asked for and below budget making him Hollywood's go to guy.