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Rod & Custom covered a story about a retired firefighter Larry Gimenez's backyard find of a slightly rusted out '32 three window Deuce coupe that had been sitting around and ignored for nearly 25 years... much to his amazement the car was actually near cherry. It was definitely a too-good-too-be-true deal and within a day he raised the money to turn this car into a show-worthy custom ride thanks to Tri-C's Rick Creese as well as other fine automobile craftsmen.

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Well, Larry is back again with yet another great find and now has the best of both worlds cruising around with his '32 three-window Deuce coupe hard top fresh with a/c and a heater since it['s not everyday you can cruise around without a top like his orange '32 three-window.

Dan Miller of Westlake, California, performed the interior and trunk design and fabrication. Instruments are VDO's mounted in a milled aluminum panel.

The Ford Motorsport 351ci engine has aluminum heads and Edelbrock induction. A Ford C4 transmission handles the shifts.

Creese and Schroeder returned the roadster to its 1958 condition by selling off the new stuff while refurbishing its old parts. They even contracted builder Claude Hampson, and had Ron Fletcher finish its ancient body panels.

As indicated by the imposing collections of Bruce Meyer, Don Orosco, and Reggie Jackson, a significant new trend in hot-rodding is preserving the past. One only has to look at the " never more inspiring" Jack Thompson '27 T to understand why retro rodding is attracting allot of attention.

Lanny at Modern Auto Trim completed the leather interior and trunk on the coupe. A Grant Banjo wheel is mounted on a GM column. Gauges are VDO in an engine- turned panel.