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Allot of people think that building your own parts from raw material is too difficult and costly in the long run and can only. It's not like you're building an engine-there is no set way to accomplish the task but some basic techniques are used. The materials , how to bend and shape the pieces and the ability to use math to find the dimensions and basic welding. Tri-C Engineering was highlighted to help show these basic skills to create this chrome dashboard for this '53 Buick convertible.

(LEFT) This purple pearl coated small-block '39 Chevy coupe from Livermore, California with Budnik Famosa wheels and a pair of '40 Chevy headlights as well as many other modifications gave this cruiser the winning look.

(RIGHT) Tommy Otis' drop-dead gorgeous Deuce made thousands in their tracks throughout the event. This roadster screams,"Hot Rod!"

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How To install the Tri-C Hood kit
A common problem with four-piece hoods is that they often have a loose fit against the body, and they don’t appear smooth even when they are adjusted perfectly.
Dick Jutras 333 Chevy
Tri-C Engineering fabricated, engineered, and repaired Dick Jutras 333 Chevy....
Chris' Street Rodder
Tri-C Engineering installed an adjustable mount and steering column and color matched to the car...

This all steel '31 Ford sedan from Rocklin, California, started out as a 2 door sedan.

From Arlington, Texas this big-block '32 highboy painted bright blue turned heads all weekend.

Based from Pleasant Hill, California, this chopped-top '36 roadster with '40 Chevy headlights added a cool look that worked just right.

This '34 phaeton from Saint Luis Obispo, CAlifornia cruised in scraping the ground with it's sporty six-inch chopped, Carson-style top, with a gray-wool interior and bright red paint made for a very handsome display.

Duece rails, a '33 grille, quick-change rear, and finned front brake drums are just a few highlights of this scalloped '29 Ford roadster.

This California-based '33 Ford with a Duvall-style windshield and an abundance of flames made for one eye-catching ride.

A flawless '41 Chevy from Reno, Nevada, gem is graced with so many trick details, it would take hours to check them all out.

We here at Tri-C Engineering would like to thank Street Rodder magazine for this magazine spread.