Design and Fabrication

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How To install the Tri-C Hood kit
A common problem with four-piece hoods is that they often have a loose fit against the body, and they don’t appear smooth even when they are adjusted perfectly.
Dick Jutras 333 Chevy
Tri-C Engineering fabricated, engineered, and repaired Dick Jutras 333 Chevy....
Chris' Street Rodder
Tri-C Engineering installed an adjustable mount and steering column and color matched to the car...
Warner Brothers:
Design, engineering and fabrication of 2 "Batman Cars" for Parque Tempatico De Madrid, S. A.
B.A.D. Company
Design, engineering, and fabrication of "Mini Cooper" Ride Display.
Mercedes Benz:
2003 Mercedes C320 Kompressor Project Car Design Upgrades; carbon filter aero enhancements, modified exhaust, suspension and brakes upgrade, modified (rim elements and lighting, exterior paint.
Warner Bro. Pictures:
Modify suspension components on Ford Torinos stunt vehicles to allow safe jumping.

"Rick Creese did a wonderful job with the suspensions on two of our Gran Torino 'jumpers' on Starsky & Hutch. We got seven jumps out of one Torino.
It was done on time and with a smile. A real go-to guy."

Craig Lietzke,
Picture Car Coodinator,
Starsky & Hutch (2004)
Design, engineering, and fabrication of motion picture action camera system for shooting moving objects.
Thank you for the great job you did for us on Charlie's Angels. The cars you built looked wonderful, ran perfectly and were delivered on time and on budget.
We couldn't have asked for more.
Joseph M. Caracciolo
Executive Producer
Charlie's Angels
Walt Disney Tokyo:
Design, engineering and fabrication of race vehicles and engines.